Strategic Planning

We have extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic plans based on our knowledge of ethnic communities and customer behaviour/insights


  • Data mining and analysis
    Data mining has the ability to give businesses enormous amounts of information about their customers’ behaviours and buying habits, enabling them to more effectively market their goods. At Around the World Consultancy, we gather and review information relevant to your business/ industry gained from traditional marketing research and census information as well as Internet data obtained from traffic reports, website analytics and cookies to identify patterns and relationships in the data, then break down the market into different segments. The data mining we do helps you identify the specific markets, so you determine how to approach prospective customer and the best way to market to this audience.

  • Competitor analysis/ Market landscape analysis
    A marketing competitor analysis is a critical part of your own marketing strategy. By doing the analysis you can formulate how to run your business, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals, figure out what situations may provide an opportunity for them as well as figure out situations which are likely to become a threat for them as well.

    At Around the World Consultancy we will not only identify your competitors for you but also:

    • What products or services are they selling?
    • How much market share do they have?
    • What were their past strategies?
    • Are they using the same strategy?
    • How aggressive are they on the advertising front?
    • How competitive are they?
    • Are their strengths and weaknesses the same as yours?
    • How big of a threat are they to you?
    • How do their strategies affect your business?

  • Developing case studies
    Case studies are an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing proof that you’re offering is valuable and of good quality and therefore remain a critical part of the content marketing mix for almost every organization. CMI research shows more companies are using them – 77% in 2015. At Around the World Consultancy we understand just how valuable case studies are in educating customers, allowing you to tell stories about your brand and increasing conversions.

  • Compiling fact sheets
    The fact sheets provided by Around the World Consultancy provides key statistical information on permanent and temporary migration trends, emigration and population for Australia’s main migrant source countries. Other information the fact sheets provide include key statistical data on the different types of visa categories, migrants’ occupation, geographic distribution and demographic characteristics.

  • Strategic recommendations
    The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to help you grow your business and to increase your brand awareness. The world has changed – competition has increased, clients have become more discerning and social media has had a dramatic impact on the types of marketing activities that are the most effective. At Around the World Consultancy we will provide recommendations for how your business can best enter the ethnic market and be successful. Our strategic recommendations will be multi-faceted, realistic and will be implemented consistently over time. The messaging must be tailored specifically to each ethnic audience and should be focused on developing awareness of your brand and on building trust around that brand.