Ethnic Media Management

Diving into the world of ethnic marketing on your own could prove to be a long and costly process of trial-and-error, which is why we are here to ensure you get it right at every step.

Media management is another aspect that becomes particularly challenging when it comes to targeting a specific ethnic community. Conventional media outlets may not necessarily reach your target audience or may prove to be too wasteful. We are well connected within the ethnic media realm and can provide you with first-hand knowledge about the new media and channels available that specifically cater to certain ethnicities.

This includes –

  • Advising you about the best media channel to reach your target audience
  • Offering media buying services suitable to your strategic business plan
  • Creative recommendations so that your communication translates in the best possible way
  • Organising your PR distribution
  • Managing the relationship between the media and the agency

To that end, Around the World Consultancy provides advice and services on:

  • Working with the multicultural /ethnic press-
    Information about what is available for each market, distribution numbers, best positioning in papers, online media etc.
  • Working with ethnic radio and television –
    Acquiring the right talent as well as making sure your content is tailored for your audience. This involves getting the accents and looks right.
  • Audio and audio-visual productions –
    Crafting audio and audio visual productions that communicate effectively.
  • Direct mail service –
    Setting in place a direct mail service by acquiring the right database.
  • Public relations and promotional activities
    Ideating, organizing and executing suitable PR and promotional activities.
  • Bilingual training and assessment –
    Helping you communicate with maximum effectiveness by providing bilingual training and assessment.
  • Cross-cultural focus groups –
    Aiding cultural research by setting up cross-cultural focus groups
  • Cross-cultural Focus Testing –
    Setting up and executing cross-cultural focus testing.