Cultural Research

Extensive research lies at the base of every strategic business plan. But when you are specifically targeting a particular ethnic market, it calls for a rather more specialized form of research.

Our years of experience working with different cultures have enabled us to develop unique insights into the field of cultural research. Hence, as part of Around The World Consultancy services, we are able to provide our clients with the necessary skills, information and tools required to reach their targeted ethnic markets here in Australia or abroad.

We achieve this in the following ways –

  • We provide marketers with an increased self-awareness and a more empathic understanding of the targeted ethnic group. Trying to sell your product or service to a particular ethnic market is a little like moving to a different country – everything feels similar on the surface but the devil is in the details. Every culture has its own sets of beliefs that go far beyond the obvious. There are always certain dos and don’ts that may seem to be small issues but could pose major road blocks to effective communication. We want our clients to develop a strong sense of empathy towards the culture they are targeting, and we do this by providing them with extensive details about their beliefs and practices.

  • We aim to provide knowledge about ethnic groups even from a business point of view. This involves extensive strategic planning through research about the target market.

  • We want to arm marketers with strong sense of confidence when it comes to dealing with the ethnic group they wish to target. This confidence is derived from a better understanding of the interactions that take place with the targeted country’s counterparts. Again, we help you interpret these interactions to the fullest effect.

  • Every community has its own peculiar code of etiquettes when it comes to conducting business. Understanding these business etiquettes could be vital in hitting the right note right away. Once again, we help you develop new skills based on vital business etiquettes of the targeted ethnic groups.

  • We also provide you with a detailed understanding of how effective communication and interpersonal skills contribute to the success of your ethnic marketing endeavours.